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Antweight Component Shops

A list of online shops where you can buy components for your Antweight.


Drive Motors

The most common type of drive motor used by Antweights is the Geared Micro Motor. Shops are now selling specially designed mounts for these motors, allowing you to easily attach them to your robot's chassis.

Weapon (Brushless) Motors

These motors should be suitable for spinning disc weapons. Brushless motors spin much faster than normal motors and have more power, Antweights commonly use them to power spinning discs, blades and drums.

Speed Controllers

Motors require speed controllers to tell them which direction to spin in, and how fast they should go. Brushless motors require a different type of speed controller to ordinary motors.

Brushless Motor Controllers

These controllers will work with brushless motors only.

Radio Control (R/C) Gear

Antweights now almost exclusively use the newer 2.4Ghz transmitter and receiver sets, which replace the older 40Mhz sets. There are a few makes that are in common use amongst Antweight builders.


NiMh batteries, commonly found in remote control toys, are still used by Antweight builders however more frequently Antweights are turning to LiPo (Lithium Polymer) batteries which are smaller and lighter than their NiMh predecessors.

Battery Chargers


Raw Materials

These materials can be used as either armour to protect your Antweight from other robots' weapons, or as a chassis on which you can attach your motors and other components.


Lighter but stronger than Aluminum, Titanium is often used in small quantities to create spinner resistant pushing scoops and wedges. 1mm thick is normally more than adequate for Antweight usage.

  • Titanium sheet plate 27.0 cm x 16.6 cm 1.0 mm thick - Ebay shop


High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) is one of the more recent additions to the Antweight materials list. It is strong, lightweight and impact resistant, even standing up fairly well to spinning disc weapons.


Polycarbonate is a transparent, flexible plastic that reacts well to impacts from other robots. Antweights use various thicknesses of it, from 1mm to over 5mm. It is not as strong as Titanium, and therefore does not protect as well against spinning disc attacks.

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